100mW/ 500mW (Power adj.) 76-108Mhz Home FM TRANSMITTER (Black)

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Totally satisfied!
Quickly delivered (15 days to reach eastern Canada province, so half the planet).
The transmitter is installed in the center of my apartment that is about 1400 feets² (a little more than 115 m²) and is located in a large city where there is a lot of radio stations transmitting. Construction is made of drywall, wood and metallic studs so pretty radio wave blocking as I can hardly have a good FM radio reception without an outside antenna.
I connected this transmitter on my computer to have a center place for playing all my over 2000 CDs collection converted in high quality mp3. I settle the frequency in a middle of a large gap between commercial radio stations.
I could now listen to my music played on my computer from any FM receiver in my apartment with a crystal clear quality without having to pull wires all around the place.
A good thing is that the transmission power is just enough for my need as only my direct neighbors could catch the signal and after two concrete walls they can hardly get what is transmitted.
Perfect for my need and would probably be for a wood frame constructed house without interfering with the neighbors.
I will without hesitation get a little more powerful transmitter for the lake house to cover the area from the garden to the beach.
Date Added: 04/27/2010 by Gilles M Morneau
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