The transmission range depends on many factors, the true distance is based on not only the transmitter power and its performances, but also on the sensitivity of the receiver and its antenna, buildings or other obstructions which between the transmitter and the receiver. 

Therefore, the transmission range may differ greatly with the same transmitter in different surroundings, and the range will be much farther in barrier-free environment, such as open countryside. 

How to get a farther range?

(1) Use a better antenna and coaxial cable.
(2) Adjust operating frequency to the one matches the antenna.
(3) Set the antenna higher.

What is modulation? 

Modulation is the percentage of the peak frequency deviation to system maximum frequency deviation. Assume the stereo system for the complex signal is 100% (±75KHZ frequency deviation), therein 10% (±7.5MHZ frequency deviation) pilot frequency, the complex signals of main and auxiliary signals is 90% (±67.5MHZ frequency deviation). Thus, 15% modulation should be ±10.125KHz.
The modulation of our products is 15%, and it is calibrated by professional instrument so that the transmitter works to its best status. The voice will be too low and dull if modulation is adjusted too small, otherwise voice will be distorted. 

What pre-emphasis is of your product?

Generally, we set it at 50us defaultly. In some of our products, the pre-emphasis can be set at 75us. If you have special request, please let us know before ordering.

Why AC HUM appears?

While a poor quality power supply is used to work with the transmitter, AC HUM will appears. There are several ways to eleminite AC HUM, but the best way is change with a qualified power adapter.

When will you ship my item?

All package will be shipped out the next business day after receiving your cleared payment. 

Will you provide a tracking number?

Yes, absolutely. The tracking number will be updated  to your PayPal account once the package is shipped out. 

Why the package can not be tracked?

Generally, the carrier needs some time to process the package. Please track it after 1~2 business days. If it does not exist records after 2 business days, please contact us.

How long does it take to get the package?

This is hard to say, based on your location. Please check SHIPPING for details.

How much duties will be charged to receive my items?

To pay the customs duties is the buyer's responsibility, please contact your local administration for details. If you have special request, please contact us and we are happy to assist.

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